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Relaxing Classics

Song NameLanguageThemeCategorySample
01 Adagio for organ-violin & strings in G minorInstrumentalMusicRelaxation Musicsample
02 Divertimento for string quartet (or string orchestra) in D major ('Salzburg Symphony No. 1'), K. 136 (K. 125a)- AndanteInstrumentalMusicRelaxation Musicsample
03 Suite bergamasque, for piano, L. 75- Clair de luneInstrumentalMusicRelaxation Musicsample
04 Oboe Concerto, for oboe, strings & continuo in D minor, Op. 8-9, RV 454- AdagioInstrumentalMusicRelaxation Musicsample
05 Andante cantabile (arr. of 2nd mvt. from String Quartet No.1), for cello and string orchestra in D majorInstrumentalMusicRelaxation Musicsample
06 Nocturne for piano No. 8 in D flat major ('Les plaintives 2') Op. 27-2, B. 96InstrumentalMusicRelaxation Musicsample
07 Canon and Gigue for 3 violins & continuo in D major- CanonInstrumentalMusicRelaxation Musicsample
08 Symphony No. 1 in C major, Op. 21- Andante cantabileInstrumentalMusicRelaxation Musicsample
09 Prelude for piano No. 2 in A minor ('Presentiment of Death') Op. 28-2, B. 123-1InstrumentalMusicRelaxation Musicsample
10 Waltz for piano No. 9 in A flat major ('Farewell' - L'adieu') Op. 69-1 (posth.), B. 95InstrumentalMusicRelaxation Musicsample
11 Brandenburg Concerto No. 4 in G major, BWV 1049InstrumentalMusicRelaxation Musicsample
12VIOL~1InstrumentalMusicRelaxation Musicsample
13 Piano Sonata No. 24 in F sharp major ('A Thérèse') Op. 78- excerptInstrumentalMusicRelaxation Musicsample