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Song NameLanguageThemeCategorySample
123 VoilaFrenchMusicChildren's Musicsample
123s and ABCsEnglishMusicChildren's Musicsample
A Boy Named DaveEnglishBible MusicChildren's Musicsample
A Dillar A Dollar EnglishMusicChildren's Musicsample
A La VoletteFrenchMusicChildren's Musicsample
A Little GoatEnglishMusicChildren's Musicsample
A Ram Sam SamEnglishMusicChildren's Musicsample
A Tisket A TasketEnglishMusicChildren's Musicsample
A la ferme FrenchMusicChildren's Musicsample
ABCFrenchMusicChildren's Musicsample
ABC Tumble Down EnglishMusicChildren's Musicsample
Ah! Si mon moine voulait danserFrenchMusicChildren's Musicsample
Ah! Toi belle hirondelleFrenchMusicChildren's Musicsample
Ah! Vous dirais-je mamanFrenchMusicChildren's Musicsample
Ainsi Font Les Petites MarionnettesFrenchMusicChildren's Musicsample
Ainsi font, font, fontFrenchMusicChildren's Musicsample
Al AnimoSpanishMusicChildren's Musicsample
Al Corro De La PatataSpanishMusicChildren's Musicsample
Al La Rueda RuedaSpanishMusicChildren's Musicsample
Al Olvio SubiSpanishMusicChildren's Musicsample
Al TamborSpanishMusicChildren's Musicsample
Aladdin's LampEnglishStoriesChildren's Musicsample
Alive AliveEnglishBible MusicChildren's Musicsample
All I Want For Christmas Is My Two Front TeethEnglishChristmas MusicChildren's Musicsample
All The Pretty Little HorsesEnglishMusicChildren's Musicsample