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Peaceful Classics

Song NameLanguageThemeCategorySample
01 Sonata for Two Flutes in G Major [Ante]InstrumentalMusicRelaxation Musicsample
02 Sonata for Two Flutes in G Major [Adagio][Version]InstrumentalMusicRelaxation Musicsample
03 The Four Seasons- Spring [Largo]InstrumentalMusicRelaxation Musicsample
04 The Four Seasons- Summer [Adagio][Version]InstrumentalMusicRelaxation Musicsample
05 The Four Seasons- Autumn [Adagio Molto]InstrumentalMusicRelaxation Musicsample
06 The Four Seasons- Winter [Largo]InstrumentalMusicRelaxation Musicsample
07 Berceuse in D FlatInstrumentalMusicRelaxation Musicsample
08 Symphony No. 3 in F Major [Ante]InstrumentalMusicRelaxation Musicsample
09 A Little Night Music [Romance-Andante]InstrumentalMusicRelaxation Musicsample
10 Symphony No. 1 in C Major [Ante Cantibile Con Moto]InstrumentalMusicRelaxation Musicsample
11 Trois GymnopédiesInstrumentalMusicRelaxation Musicsample
12 Brandenburg Concerto No. 5 in B Major [Affettuoso]InstrumentalMusicRelaxation Musicsample
13 String Quartet in G Major [Ante un Poco Mosso]InstrumentalMusicRelaxation Musicsample