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Forever Gold - 25 Greatest Classics

Song NameLanguageThemeCategorySample
01 The Four Seasons (Spring)- AllegroInstrumentalMusicRelaxation Musicsample
02 Canon in D Major (Arranged for Guitar)InstrumentalMusicRelaxation Musicsample
03 Sinfonia No. 1 for Three Concert GuitarsInstrumentalMusicRelaxation Musicsample
04 Goldberg Variations- Aria da CapoInstrumentalMusicRelaxation Musicsample
05 Clair de LuneInstrumentalMusicRelaxation Musicsample
06 Prelude No. 20InstrumentalMusicRelaxation Musicsample
07 HumoresqueInstrumentalMusicRelaxation Musicsample
08 Peer Gynt Suite No. 1InstrumentalMusicRelaxation Musicsample
09 Moonlight Sonata- AllegrettoInstrumentalMusicRelaxation Musicsample
10 Concerto No. 5 in F Minor- LargoInstrumentalMusicRelaxation Musicsample
11 Etude No. 4 in C Sharp MinorInstrumentalMusicRelaxation Musicsample
12 Divertimento- Allegro Assai in B FlatInstrumentalMusicRelaxation Musicsample
13 The Nutcracker Suite- Dance of the Sugar Plum FairyInstrumentalMusicRelaxation Musicsample
14 The Four Seasons (Summer)- AdagioInstrumentalMusicRelaxation Musicsample
15 Carmen Suite No. 1- Les ToreadorsInstrumentalMusicRelaxation Musicsample
16 Für EliseInstrumentalMusicRelaxation Musicsample
17 Symphony No. 40- Allegro MoltoInstrumentalMusicRelaxation Musicsample
18 French Suite No. 6- BourréeInstrumentalMusicRelaxation Musicsample
19 Hungarian Dance No. 5InstrumentalMusicRelaxation Musicsample
20 Trois GymnopédiesInstrumentalMusicRelaxation Musicsample
21 Symphony No. 5- AllegroInstrumentalMusicRelaxation Musicsample
22 Eine Kleine Nachtmusik- AllegroInstrumentalMusicRelaxation Musicsample
23 Mazuka No. 40 in F MinorInstrumentalMusicRelaxation Musicsample
24 Concerto for Flute, Two Violins and Basso Continuo- LargoInstrumentalMusicRelaxation Musicsample
25 Lullabye- LargoInstrumentalMusicRelaxation Musicsample