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Essential Classics

Song NameLanguageThemeCategorySample
01 AllegroInstrumentalMusicRelaxation Musicsample
02 William Tell OvertureInstrumentalMusicRelaxation Musicsample
03 Canon and Gigue for StringsInstrumentalMusicRelaxation Musicsample
04 Allegro Con BrioInstrumentalMusicRelaxation Musicsample
05 AllegroInstrumentalMusicRelaxation Musicsample
06 Claire de LuneInstrumentalMusicRelaxation Musicsample
07 Waltz of the Flowers [From the Nutcracker Suite]InstrumentalMusicRelaxation Musicsample
08 Ballade No. 1 in G MinorInstrumentalMusicRelaxation Musicsample
09 Air on the G StringInstrumentalMusicRelaxation Musicsample
10 Allegro MoltoInstrumentalMusicRelaxation Musicsample
11 LullabyeInstrumentalMusicRelaxation Musicsample