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Cinema Classics

Song NameLanguageThemeCategorySample
01 Piano Concerto No. 21 [From Elvira Madigan]InstrumentalMusicRelaxation Musicsample
02 The Goldberg Variations- Aria de Capo [From Silence of the Lambs]InstrumentalMusicRelaxation Musicsample
03 Ride of the Valkyries [From Apocalypse Now]InstrumentalMusicRelaxation Musicsample
04 Symphony No. 5- Allegro Con Brio [From Immortal Beloved]InstrumentalMusicRelaxation Musicsample
05 Emporer's Waltz (Kaizerwalzer) [From the Last Emporer]InstrumentalMusicRelaxation Musicsample
06 Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairy [From Fantasia]InstrumentalMusicRelaxation Musicsample
07 Hungarian Rhapsody No. 2 [From Who Framed Roger Rabbit]InstrumentalMusicRelaxation Musicsample
08 Concerto No. 5 in F Minor- Largo [From Hannah and Her Sisters]InstrumentalMusicRelaxation Musicsample
09 William Tell Overture [From a Clockwork Orange]InstrumentalMusicRelaxation Musicsample
10 The Barber of Seville Overture [from Prizzi's Honor]InstrumentalMusicRelaxation Musicsample
11 Bagatelle in A Minor [From Rosemary's Baby]InstrumentalMusicRelaxation Musicsample