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Signature Series - Best of Chopin

Song NameLanguageThemeCategorySample
01 Ballade for piano No. 1 in G minor ('Polish') Op. 23, B. 66InstrumentalMusicClassical Musicsample
02 Berceuse for piano in D flat major, Op. 57, B. 154InstrumentalMusicClassical Musicsample
03 Etude for piano No. 3 in E major ('Tristesse' - 'L'intimité') Op. 10-3, B. 74InstrumentalMusicClassical Musicsample
04 Etude for piano No. 4 in C sharp minor ('Torrent') Op. 10-4, B. 75InstrumentalMusicClassical Musicsample
05 Etude for piano No. 12 in C minor ('Revolutionary' - 'Fall of Warsaw') Op. 10-12, B. 67InstrumentalMusicClassical Musicsample
06 Fantasie-Impromptu for piano in C sharp minor, Op. 66 (posth.), B. 87InstrumentalMusicClassical Musicsample
07 Sonata for piano No. 2 in B flat minor ('Funeral March') Op. 35, B. 128- Funeral march in B Flat MinorInstrumentalMusicClassical Musicsample
08 Mazurka for piano No. 6 in A minor, Op. 7-2, B. 61-2InstrumentalMusicClassical Musicsample
09 Mazurka for piano No. 40 in F minor, Op. 63-2, B. 162-2InstrumentalMusicClassical Musicsample
10 Mazurka for piano No. 48 in F major, Op. 68-3 (posth.), B. 34InstrumentalMusicClassical Musicsample
11 Nocturne for piano No. 1 in B flat minor ('Murmures de la Seine 1') Op. 9-1, B. 54-1InstrumentalMusicClassical Musicsample
12 Nocturne for piano No. 4 in F major ('Les zéphyrs 1') Op. 15-1, B. 55-1InstrumentalMusicClassical Musicsample
13 Nocturne for piano No. 7 in C sharp minor ('Les plaintives 1') Op. 27-1, B. 91InstrumentalMusicClassical Musicsample
14 Nocturne for piano No. 19 in E minor, Op. 72-1 (posth.), B. 19InstrumentalMusicClassical Musicsample
15 Prelude for piano No. 15 in D flat major ('Raindrop') Op. 28-15, B. 107-10InstrumentalMusicClassical Musicsample
16 Prelude for piano No. 7 in A major ('The Polish Dance') Op. 28-7, B. 100-1InstrumentalMusicClassical Musicsample
17 Prelude for piano No. 20 in C minor ('Funeral March') Op. 28-20, B .107-14InstrumentalMusicClassical Musicsample
18 Waltz for piano No. 6 in D flat major ('Minute' - 'Dog Waltz') Op. 64-1, B. 164-1InstrumentalMusicClassical Musicsample
19 Waltz for piano No. 5 in A flat major ('Grand Valse') Op. 42, B. 131InstrumentalMusicClassical Musicsample