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Song NameLanguageThemeCategorySample
123s and ABCsEnglishMusicChildren's Musicsample
A Boy Named DaveEnglishBible MusicChildren's Musicsample
A Dillar A Dollar EnglishMusicChildren's Musicsample
A Little GoatEnglishMusicChildren's Musicsample
A Ram Sam SamEnglishMusicChildren's Musicsample
A Tisket A TasketEnglishMusicChildren's Musicsample
ABC Tumble Down EnglishMusicChildren's Musicsample
Aladdin's LampEnglishStoriesChildren's Musicsample
Alive AliveEnglishBible MusicChildren's Musicsample
All I Want For Christmas Is My Two Front TeethEnglishChristmas MusicChildren's Musicsample
All The Pretty Little HorsesEnglishMusicChildren's Musicsample
All Through the Night EnglishMusicChildren's Musicsample
Alphabet SongEnglishMusicChildren's Musicsample
Amazing GraceEnglishBible MusicChildren's Musicsample
America the Beautiful MedleyEnglishMusicChildren's Musicsample
And the Green Grass GrowsEnglishMusicChildren's Musicsample
Angels We Have Heard on HighEnglishChristmas MusicChildren's Musicsample
Animal FairEnglishMusicChildren's Musicsample
Ant and the GrasshopperEnglishStoriesChildren's Musicsample
Ants Go Marching EnglishMusicChildren's Musicsample
Ants Like To Eat Apples And BananasEnglishMusicChildren's Musicsample
Are you learning, teddy bearEnglishMusicChildren's Musicsample
Are you sleeping, teddy bear EnglishMusicChildren's Musicsample
Ave MariaEnglishChristmas MusicChildren's Musicsample
B.I.N.G.O EnglishMusicChildren's Musicsample